Slinky, not stinky

For better or for worse, few ladies can resist a bit of the old leopard print. But if you're worried about looking more Bet Lynch than Gwen Stefani, then your safest option is to go small.  And you don't get much smaller than this slinky mini shell case which acts as home to Tawas' Crystal Deodorant.  Far more stylish than the average plastic packaging!

Good for you because this deodorant is pure alum crystal and nothing else - so, no toxic minerals or chemicals. Most other deodorants contain aluminium chlorohydrate which has been linked with concerns about increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and Breast Cancer. The only word of warning we give, is that this isn't an anti-perspirant and will still allow sweating - it just won't smell, due to its natural anti-bacterial quality. And to finish off, when your crystal gets too small to use with ease (after about 6 months), Tawas recommend popping it in your fridge to prevent strong pongs!

Good for the environment because alum crystal is a renewable source of raw material and the containers are genuine shells which are collected, not harvested from the Pacific Ocean. This product also provides good local employment and above average wages for the producers in the Philippines.

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