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Heaven Scent

Did anyone ever tell you to be thankful for small indulgences? Ahhh yes, those glorious treats that make life worth living - sneaky duvet days, dangerously expensive shoes and the occasional flirt with a foxy stranger. And now another one to add to the list - luxuriously scented candles from Neom. Every glamour-puss worth her organic salt knows that glowing, scented rooms are a must for self-indulgent tranquillity. Ask fans Sienna, Kylie and Gwynnie - they all light up behind closed doors.  

Good for you because founder Nicola Elliot (ex-Glamour Magazine) knows that there's simply nothing indulgent about filling our lungs with the carcinogens (toluene and benzene) that emit from most designer candles. That's why the only ingredients that make up Neom are 100% pure vegetable wax and organic essential oils. They also burn for twice as long, so kinder to the purse too!

Good for the environment because NM products support organic farming - so less artificial pesticides and fertilisers in our land and water supplies. It costs the government heaps of cash (i.e. our tax money) to purify this water once it's contaminated. Grrrr!

Price Neom Luxury Organic Candles £35 each

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