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Hurrah for green queen Nannette Pallrand, who serves up her organic skincare and perfume with a healthy dose of attitude! Rich Hippie and Nature Girl were inspired by her years of travelling the world.  Now settled in sunny LA, she's agreed to give us a quickie..

Not many people know this but I swim out in the ocean near Malibu every morning.

When I was little, I wanted to be President.

My friends think I'm a free spirit.

My most treasured times are visiting Jericoacoara in Northern Brazil, swimming out in the ocean every day.  The environment is incredibly pristine and beautiful there.   I also bought an island in Angra dos Reis and I hang out there with my friends drinking Brazilian wine and making rustic Brazilian cuisine with local fish.
When things get tough I go to my favourite spa in Santa Barbara and soak in the hot springs there and get a massage.
The best place to get yummy organic food is Real Food Daily in Los Angeles. Incredible!
I'm inspired by women who succeed in careers that have been traditionally dominated by men. It's nice to see women have everything they want as well. It makes the world a more interesting place for everyone.
My most stylish eco/organic discovery is organic cotton sheets.  Beautiful!
My signature scent is Kalachakra by Rich Hippie (naturally!)  We named it after the Dalai Lama's yearly ceremony for World Peace so it is my favourite perfume with all my most favourite flowers in it.
My guilty pleasures are escaping with nature for the day.  California is so beautiful.
If I was President for the day, I would stop global warming, pass a law as they have in Norway which says that the boards of all publicly traded corporations have to be half women and pass another law making sure that our President would be a woman every other term!
If I could have one wish come true, it would be a cleaner planet.


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