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Addicted to Shipwrecked, Castaway or (strictly for saddos) Celebrity Love Island? If so, you're likely to feel a perverse combo of fascination, attraction and perhaps just a weensy bit of envy for the gay abandon these peeps possess. How you'd love to drop everything in search of sun, sea and a sure-fire shot at having the time of your life. Hell, it's time to live a little and sign up to your own Adventure Island! Tribe Wanted is a kind of social and ecological experiment where you (and 4,999 others) are invited to set up your very own sustainable eco-community on a glorious Fijian island. The brain child of two 26 year olds, Mark James and Ben Keene wondered if they could bring people from all over the world via an online community to form a real life island tribe.  So far, all is looking peachy on the horizon as hundreds have already signed up. Tempted? Go on, bag your place now and live out your own adventure.

Good for you because you could make a few buddies before you even get to the island as you'll be talking, voting, debating and deciding on tribal issues via the online community before you get there. There's also Tribal TV where you can watch fellow members and yourself online in the ongoing adventure story documentary.

Good for the environment as no more than 100 members will be allowed on the island at any one time - so there's no mass invasion. Tribewanted is working with Climate Care to ensure that the island is climate neutral and are 'strongly encouraging' members to offset their flight emissions to and from the island. (We think this should have been compulsory, non?) Anyway, it's also agreed to financially support the island's local schools and environmental projects, provide boat engines to fishermen and generate local employment.

Price Choose from 3 registration options: Nomads – 1 years membership + 7 nights stay on island for £120, Hunters – 2 years membership + 14 nights on island for £240 and Warriors – 3 years membership + 21 nights stay on island for £360.

Contact For more info and to join

Tribe Wanted, eco-friendly community islandTribe Wanted, eco-friendly community island


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