Eco Antenna (June '06)

Up, down and all over the place. What's caught our fabulous green eyes this week GOING UP White Is The New Green
Tea, that is. Dragonfly's Swirling Mist White Tea is a deliciously delicate cuppa that's organic and jam packed with antioxidants. Corolla Cream's New Sunday & Wednesday Markets
Forget sweating it out with the masses - online vintage markets are far more civilised. Alfresco Boozing
We can't get enough of La Begude 2004 Limoux Chardonnay, a biodynamic beauty. £9.71 from who deliver to Sussex in a biodiesel van called Ginny! (Sorry, bog standard courier for the rest of UK, or if you still do supermarkets, it's available from Waitrose!) The New 'Bio-Bottle'
Oh yes indeed, and it's made from corn! Belu, the mineral water people, have launched the UK's first biodegradable bottle and all profits go to water aid projects. Belu the landfills will love you!
GOING DOWN Politicians
Blair's giving the thumbs up to UK airport expansion - despite the small issue of Climate Change, whilst David Cameron announced that aviation tax still isn't necessary. Jeeze Louise, we all know the current government's nuts but David? Green? Is he sure? Summer Synthetics
In this heat it makes pits smell, well, like the pits! Vibrating Disposable Razors
Another fabulously ridiculous invention! And no, they don't work any better, but they do produce a disturbingly toxic mountain of batteries to dispose of. Takeaway Curry Flown to World Cup
Bombay Nights in Somerset received an order from football-crazed band, Opposite World, who demanded, wait for it.. a ramo dakhna chicken, mirchi fish, lamb karahi, Bombay king prawns, rice, naan breads and starters, all to be flown 800 miles to Germany where they're watching the World Cup. Blimey, that's one hell of a curry craving! (Bet they didn't even offset the CO2 emissions either!)


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