Little Dictionary of Headonism

Hedonology: the science of human pleasure (by far our favourite science at high school)
Anhedonia: the inability to feel pleasure (what, like every time we go to Ikea?)
Hedonomania: an irresistible craving for pleasure (for some reason Cocaine Kate springs to mind.)
Hedonophobia: a psychiatric term meaning a fear of having pleasure (don't worry, it never lasts anyway!)
Hyperhedonia: an abnormal sexual excitement or an abnormally great pleasure in any act or from any happening (aka Pervert Alert!).
Nikhedonia: the pleasure of anticipating victory or success (well, you never actually win so you gotta get it from somewhere!)
Headonism Haircare: pure devotion to heady pleasures. All that swinging (of hair) demands constant loving and so deserves the most naturally luxurious shampoos and conditioners (we're finding this finely edited range is the perfect partner for preening Hedonists.)

Good for you as Headonism is a totally natural, organic and luxurious hair care range that cleans and nourishes both head and hair. They're free from nasty ingredients commonly found in standard haircare products like synthetics, polysorbates, sodium sulphates, artificial fragrance and artificial preservatives. The amber glass bottles also mean that there are no toxins that 'leach' from plastic containers.

Good for the environment as approx 70-80% of each bottle is made from recycled glass, the natural cork stopper and oak top are from listed sustainable sources and even the tamper-evident seal is made from bio-degradable cellulose. Headonism without an ounce of guilt!

Price Headonism Luxury Organic Hair Products: £12 for 290mls

Buy Headonism Luxury organic haircare available from Love Lula


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