A Clear Improvement

The sun's shining, the flowers are blooming, all is hunky-dory. Apart from one itsy bitsy thing. What the heck is that white stuff all over your face? Thought no-one would notice? How could we not? Good Lord, you look like an Elizabethan!

Damn those natural sunscreens – you try and do a good thing and you end up looking like an extra from a costume drama. But fear not, you don't have to revert back to the dreaded chemical sunscreens just yet.

From the magic hands of international facialist Vaishaly, comes a new range of skincare, including a rather fine moisturiser with organic ingredients and a non-chemical SPF15. It's perfect on its own or under makeup and what's more, there's not an ounce of tell-tale whiteness.

So, you can lay your Elizabethan ghost to rest, once and for all!

Good for you as non-chemical sunscreen (or 'physical sunscreen') like the Zinc Oxide used in Vaishaly SPF moisturisers, reflect UVA and UVB rays rather than absorbing them like conventional chemical sunscreen brands. Zinc Oxide is the same ingredient as the one that gives the 'white fright' look but this newer version is 'microfine' and therefore gives a transparent application. It's also more photo stable which means that it doesn't breakdown with constant exposure to UV radiation.

Good for the environment because the 12 or so, naturally active organic ingredients mean that you're supporting a more planet friendly form of production that doesn't pump chemicals into our land and water supplies. And the containers are recyclable (although we still can't understand why things have to come in two forms of packaging i.e. a bottle in a box – it looks perfectly luxurious enough without the outer packaging!).

Price Vaishaly Luxury Organic Moisuturiser with SPF15: £45 for 50mls (Normal/Combination or Sensitive/Dry)


Vaishaly Organic Beauty Products are availaibe from Fenwicks and Harvey Nichols 020 7235 5000


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