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As self-confessed fashion-freakonistas there's nothing that gets us more excited than buying clothes, but where's the sustainability in that? Unless, of course they're second hand! Clothes swapping site Whatsmineisyours is officially our new favourite way to shop. Virginia Rowe tracks down founder Judy Berger to talk worst ever fashion buys and who she'd most like to swap clothes with.

I knew I was destined to launch a fashion swap shop whenI ran out of friends who were the same size as me, I couldn't just swap with strangers!  So I set up whatsmineisyours and found people who I could swap with on a regular basis from all over the country.

My worst ever fashion mistake waswhen I cut my hair into a mullet with side burns - I was young and foolish.  I cut it myself and couldn't get the sides right so I kept cutting.  I still wince at the pictures of me wearing my puff ball dresses with a curly mullet and tram lines in the side of my head!!

Some might call it an eco-sin but I can't live withouterm, my car. And the odd Primark dress!!

If I could swap clothes with anyone, it would have to beyes, I know it's obvious but it would have to be Kate Moss, but I'd swap bodies with her first!  Do you think we will be able to do that in the future?  I may set up a body swapping site, it would do great business just after Christmas.

My top 3 destinations for a second-hand deal arecar boot sales in summer, vintage fairs in winter and of course (shameless promotion!!)

Using whatsmineisyours is super-easy, all you have to do isregister for free, upload items from your wardrobe and link with people who have the same tastes and size as you.

Some might call me a shameless bargainista, but I prefer to see myself asan individual who likes to shop to suit my own style. I never buy something just because it has a designer label yet I like to look different from all the high street look-alikes.

I'm embarrassed to admit it but I once a bought a second-handlong trouser playsuit with black and white sequins and real ostrich feathers stuck to the cuffs and collar!  I thought it was fabulously camp and imagined myself lounging at home drinking cherry brandy in it.  Maybe I'll dig it out this weekend!!

My favourite designers who customize pre-loved pieces are
Junkie Styling down the East end, just off Brick lane.

If I could swap shoes with Tony Blair, I'd go on a fantastic free holiday to Cliff Richards house, and while I'm there I'd make prank calls to George Bush!!

2007 is all aboutParty dresses, structured outfits, wedge shoes, picnics, festivals, recycling, being happy.


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